5 Ways Drones Integrate In Real Estate

5 Ways Drones Integrate In Real Estate

Drones have taken the world by storm and are much more than just aerial machines for flying enthusiasts and hobbyists. With the advancement of drones and their technology, they are now being integrated into every walk of life and have applications in various segments. Whether you want to learn through professional drone training colleges and courses or find a job as a drone pilot, the quadcopter industry is growing manifold and will be on this trajectory for years to come.

When it comes to real estate, drones can actually play a really big part in creating new and interesting opportunities for businesses and help them stand apart from the crowd. Here are 5 ways drones can be integrated with real estate.

1. Spectacular video footage

Drones can provide some spectacular videos and images of your real estate property. This is due to its ability fly around the building or area and get different angles that are different to get otherwise. Their high-quality cameras too provide you with amazing media to use in brochures, website and their promotional and marketing content.

2. Site planning and survey

Even before you can market your property, drones can help in the establishment of it as well! Site planning and survey are an important part of real estate, and with a drone, this can be done without the trouble of trekking through uneven grounds. Instead, just stand at the desired spot, fly you drone around and view what you need to on the FPV monitor.

3. Remote inspections

Inspections too are made simpler, as drones can reach areas that may be difficult for people to go to. This holds true especially for higher locations or small places difficult to get into. Record and inspect everything thoroughly in real time as your drone flies around it.

4. Better maps

When creating aerial imagery and maps for the location, drones can provide better quality data and help in creating interactive 3D models as well that are way more enhanced. These are all important aspects of real estate and can be done with less than half the effort of doing them manually.

5. Security

An important advantage of drones is that they can provide security and protection by patrolling the area at all times. It doesn’t matter what season it is or what time of the day it is, drones can fly around and get a view of the whole property from above, keeping in view if anything is amiss. Not just from outside, but smaller drones that can fly indoors as well can provide the same for indoor security.

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