The App That Helps You Find Your Lost Drone

The App That Helps You Find Your Lost Drone

Losing your drone is very common among drone fliers, and this a sad event because most drones are very expensive monetarily.  While some drones are found after a lot of searching, most go unrecovered.

AIS or Arctic Innovative Solutions has come up with the solution to this prolem in the drone community with LostMyDrone.

LostMyDrone is an application that takes the help of the community in finding lost drone. Fliers who have lost their drone and are not able to find it, can post about it on the app by uploading a description of the drone and draw a radius on the map of where it was flying when you lost it.

With the help of the large community, the drone can be recovered, and when it is you will be notified and can get your drone back by offering a reward for the same!

Features of the app:

Post information regarding the drone’s system, location and description.

Set rewards as incentives.

Upload a photo of the drone for easy identification.

Set a radius, as well as add any extra and necessary information.

Made for both Android and iOS.

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