Best Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers for Action Cameras

Best Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers for Action Cameras

Stabilization comes on top of all things you need to shoot a great video. For this reason, we have the handheld gimbal stabilizers. But not all of them are good and that’s why we’ve gone out of our way to bring you the best.

Much as this has been a reserve for the movie industry, nowadays we have stabilizers designed for the average consumer. As you go about your search, you will run into two categories: the plain stabilizers that utilize weight in achieving balance for your camera and then there are those that make use of brushless motors and software.

You will come across those that make have designed to use a 2-axis (only work in X and Y axes) and those that use a 3-axis (work in X, Y and Z axes). With the Z axis, you can rotate the handle up to 320-degrees and this is definitely going to give you better results than the former.

As to which is going to work best for you, you will first of all have to understand that each of these stabilizers was designed to help in getting different types of shots. Also, your shooting style and the environment you intend to work in will influence your choice of a stabilizer.

So we’ve listed everything that matters to you for each of the stabilizers we are going to mention. Check 

Neewer NW-ZI-Rider 2 3 Axis Portable steady multi function stabilizer

Neewer NW-ZI-Rider 2 3 Axis Portable steady multi function stabilizer

Compatible with GoPro cameras, the Neewer NW-ZI-Rider 2 3 Axis Portable steady multi function stabilizer is a huge favorite among photographers who work the roughest terrains. You can expect exceptionally stable footage when using this stabilizer.

Outstanding Features

With a weight of 839gand dimensions it is easy to haul around and its set up is simple as well.

For ease of operation there are three buttons situated on the control stick that operate the tilt in and roll in and pan modes. It offers you 3 modes; the pan and tilt follower, the pan following only (no tilt) and the no pan and tilt (locked off)

Incredibly, its built-in rechargeable battery of 900mAH can run for over four hours during a nonstop shoot. It has a maximum five hours of use.

It self calibrates when turned on. However, you may have to do the calibration manually when you are opening the gimbal with the horizontal deviation, the temperature variation changes drastically or when you (optimum temperature is 20 to 45 degrees celcius) or when the handheld gimbal has been off for a long time. Instructions for the calibration procedure are indicated in the manual.


The Neewer NW-ZI-Rider 2 3 Axis Portable steady multi-function stabilizer is compatible with GoPro Hero1, Hero 2, 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4 cameras. Two features have given this stabilizing gimbal a standing ovation with users. It comes with an extension road that allows you to be able to achieve long distance shoots. This is in addition to self calibrating  when turned on.

Feiyu G4-3axis Handheld Gimbal

Feiyu G4-3axis Handheld Gimbal

Considered the Cadillac of hand held gimbal stabilizers for action cameras, the Feiyu G4-3axis handheld gimbal really does deserve that title. Not only does it look professional, it handles like a dream. It is lightweight at 290g and comes in dimensions of 23.9x7.5x6.5cm.

Outstanding Features

Why is the Feiyu G4-3axis handheld gimbal so highly recommended?  There are several factors to consider when buying a gimbal. Ease of use, functionality and overall quality. This gimbal ticks all these qualities.

The Feiyu G4-3axis is easy to use because it doesn’t have complicated features. However, that doesn’t negate its feature rich design specifically designed for an action camera. Since the makers just understand that a complicated gimbal will not help you achieve a good shot when you are pressed for time to take a shot, they installed one button for easier operation.

On the handle there is an LED button that allows you to switch between headings follow me mode, heading and pitch follow me mode, lock mode and inverted mode. These are operations that allow the camera to be maneuvered into roll, tilt, lock, pan and inverted angles. The LED will flash and indicate which mode you have chosen.

It comes fitted with a dismantling feature that allows you to connect and disconnect it easily (10 minutes tops). With the Feiyu G4 you can comfortably execute a 320 degree pan in addition to a 100 degree roll rotation.

It gives you a good four hours of non-stop battery life before you need to recharge and it comes with 4 batteries and a charger. The battery always displays it level so you can monitor your usage.


The Feiyu G4-3axis handheld gimbal works best with a Hero4, Hero3 and Hero3+ among other action cameras of the same caliber.  The one thing users do not relish in their devices for sure is connecting parts. It is an amazing quality to be able connect and...

Opteka X-Grip Professional Action stabilizing handle

Opteka X-Grip Professional Action stabilizing handle

Made with both the professional and amateur camera operator in mind, the Opteka X-Grip Professional Action stabilizing handle is ideal for rugged terrain and intense movement like uphill running.

Outstanding Features

Measuring 10x8.5x3.8 inches and weighing one pound, this stabilizer has amazing stability which results in incredible footage. The handle is cushioned which keeps it comfortable in your hand; a quality that is priceless especially when you carry it for long periods of time.

It is made from impact resistant, high grade ABS plastic making it durable and hardy. Its one unique and popular feature is the handle. This makes it easier to walk around ideal for shooting extreme sports like skateboarding or water boarding. It weighs 375g without the devices which is comfortable to carry around.

Apart from GoPro cameras, it is also compatible with other camcorders and compact cameras that have the ¼-20 thread. It has a tripod thread screw for connecting to cameras. Your camera must have the tripod thread hole in order to attach to the Opteka grip.

It is works best with GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4 cameras.


The popularity of the Opteka X-Grip Professional Action stabilizing handle in general is undeniable. However, the most favored feature with the users is its detachable hot shoe attachment that you can use to add a flash, a microphone or a video light.


Polaroid 3 axis electronic stabilizer


For a competitor, the Polaroid handheld 3 axis electronic Gimbal stabilizer is one of the best handheld gimbals for GoPro cameras. The fact that Polaroid does not have cameras of their own yet have been able to create a stabilizer of this caliber is very exciting for their fans. Not only does it point to their prowess but it also is a good omen of what to expect when their cameras hit the market.

Outstanding Features

Considered very stable and well balanced, this gimbal is able to self stabilize when connected with any GoPro camera to give you sharp footage in real time.

It is fitted with advanced hardware (3 electronic independent motors) which facilitate the maneuvering of smooth panning and tilting motions and ensures no shaking or vibration. The motors counterbalance your hand motions and make your images stable automatically. To further maintain stability, it comes with a mounting ring and a screw that helps secure your camera once installed.

Weighing 11.43 ounces with dimensions of 9.25x3.94x3.5 inches, the Polaroid handheld 3 axis electronic Gimbal stabilizer is portable and light so you don’t need a tripod. The batteries are 3.7volt rechargeable batteries and you receive 3 of them and a charger upon purchase.


The Polaroid handheld 3 axis electronic Gimbal stabilizer for GoPro cameras supports the GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4 cameras. If your GoPro Hero camera has an LCD BacPac, this gimbal is compatible with it as well. It is extremely easy to use and can be used by an amateur and professional alike. This stabilizer is super versatile. You can use it in high octane action locations like a stadium or at a concert. Or better still, you can even use it under water without fear of...

EVO GP 3 axis handheld gimbal

evo_3_axis handheld_gimbal

Outstandingly efficient, the EVO GP 3 axis handheld gimbal is without a doubt one of the best stabilizers in the market today. It does come with a hefty price tag, however, you are getting your money’s worth.

Outstanding Features

The frame is made of metal and is quite sturdy and durable. In addition it spots a sleek design which is quite eye catching. The battery life on the EVO GP is more than adequate for long shoots. As a matter of fact, the battery has an extended lifespan of up to 7 hours before needing a recharge.

We believe that this particular handheld gimbal is built for the professional in mind because of the features. It is lightweight which limit instances of shaking and takes care of unnecessary fatigue when you have to go around in it. Furthermore it is stable and the handle has a good grip.

On the handle are the buttons (the tilt button and the mode button) that operate all the gimbal’s modes. It 3 has modes; head and pitch follow mode, the head mode and the inverted and lock mode. As a 3 axis system that self calibrates, you can expect excellent results no matter what your terrain or your level of motion.


With the EVO GP 3 axis handheld gimbal you can expect long battery life, great balance, and high end performance.  It is best suited for GoPro Hero, Hero2, Hero 3, Hero 3+ and Hero 4. It has had a few tuning issues with Hero 5. While with most of the other GoPro gimbals you have to configure the software upon purchase, the EVO GP 3 axis handheld gimbal comes with the software already configured. All you have to do is connect it to your camera and you can begin working.

Roxant Pro stabilizer for GoPro


Measuring 13.4x2.2x8.1 inches the Roxant Pro Stabilizer for GoPro is lightweight and fits well in the hand. With a comfortable grip handle it is suited for use in a crowd, an up and down terrain like stairs or a non stable surface like a boat or a moving car. Famous for its durable build and impeccable performance, it is takes professional shots with you in motion.

Outstanding Features

Apart from GoPro, it is compatible with canon, Nikon, Sony among many other action cameras. It is also compatible with a DSLR camera that weighs up to 1kg/2.1lbs.

It has 3 modes: the head mode, the head and pitch follow mode, and the inverted and lock mode.

Also, it consists of a handle, 3 weights, and a steel frame. The handle grip is comfortable enough for you to use for hours while the 3 counterweights give you options for precise adjustment. Made out of quality materials it is sturdy and offers perfect balance.

Although one of the downsides of a handheld stabilizer is its inability to work effectively on a really rough terrain, the Roxant Pro stabilizer is a guaranteed balanced stabilizer that stays consistent even on such terrains. In fact, it has built a reputation based on this particular quality. In addition, it doesn’t make any noise when being handled neither is there a risk of it coming apart.


The Roxant pro stabilizer for GoPro is best suited for GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero3+ and Hero 4 cameras although it is versatile. While many stabilizers with such features cost an arm and a leg, it is the most reasonably priced especially considering i’s qualities and popularity.


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