Best Waterproof Drones and Quadcopters On Market

Best Waterproof Drones and Quadcopters On Market

In the last few years since flying quadcopters has becomes a hobby for a lot of enthusiasts, the quadcopter and drone market has achieved many astonishing advancements in creating these aerial machines and adding important features. Apart from just flying, drones can now record videos, take pictures and can even be used in industrial and business applications such as surveying large lands remotely, delivering things to not easily reachable places, and also inspection mechanical equipment.

FPV flying, aerial video capturing and photography have become very popular with people, but most fliers are always worried about flying their drone over water bodies or in places that it can get wet. For most drones and quadcopters in the market, water is a death sentence and can totally damage your drone. Though, having the ability to record videos or capture pictures of the fish, plants and other corals under as well as around water is an exciting notion, and if made possible with ease, can be a great idea.

While some quads are water resistant, they aren’t completely okay to be submerged into water either. This has led to making some drastic changes in the design of quadcopters recently so that they can become more versatile and can be used for a larger number of purposes.

Secondly, drones are very costly and it is not possible to ruin one and replace it, or even find specific parts to replace in case of any kind of damage,

Many of the recent high tech quadcopters and drones have been designed to be more rugged by making them waterproof or water resistant, so that fliers can enjoy the aerial machines with a lot less tension and a lot more fun! When you are flying in FPV and are over a water body there is a possibility of your quad losing power, but with this new technology you don’t have to worry about water damage.

Not only technology wise, but even structure wise, these waterproof drones and quads in the market have been made with great quality materials that are robust and can withstand a rough terrain as well as water and other liquids.

Here is an updated list of some of the best waterproof drones and quadcopters available in the market. Some of these can be completely submerged underwater and can provide you with amazing recording of the life under water.

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GPTOYS F51C RC Quadcopter


The GPTOYS F51C RC Quadcopter is a great option for waterproof drones as it is not only water proof, but can also take pictures and videos under the water! Equipped with a waterproof airframe, panel, motor and camera, this drone also features an excellent drainage system. It has vents on the body that drains the water from the drone quickly and allows it to submerge under water to take pictures and videos.

The body of the drone has been created for rugged use and has a high impact resistant extra tough shell. The waterproof motors allow the propeller to spin in the water without getting damaged, and the strong blade protector provides effective protection during crashes. The safe landing gear on the drone ensure lesser impact on its body when landing.

The drone features a 2MP camera, offering clear and bright photographs and footage. On the other hand, the 6-axis gyro system offers great stability when flying indoors as well as outdoors.

The waterproof quadcopter is controlled by 2.4GHz control system that makes flying for beginners and pros very convenient, since it has 3 levels of acceleration mode. It delivers a strong anti-interference performance and powerful signal so you don’t lose your drone. With the controller you can easily perform functions like up and down, left and right, forward and backward, as well as 360 degree flip in all 4 directions.

It additionally has a headless mode that automatically adjusts the position of the drone before flying, and one key automatic return that automatically returns the drone to its starting point quickly and safely. The also has LED light on the body that makes night flying much easier as you can easily follow its path in the sky and not lose it or damage it by mistake.

The GPTOYS F51C RC Quadcopter uses a 3.7V 400mAh Li-Po battery that provides a flight time of 8 minutes and has a charging time of 45 minutes.


JJRC H31 Waterproof RC Quadcopter


The JJRC H31 Waterproof RC Quadcopter is waterproof till 50 cm underwater making it great for flying around water bodies without having to worry about water damage. Its circuit board supports this waterproof function as well, so even if the drone falls into the water, you can just pick up and it will fly perfectly!

It features a 6-axis gyro system that provides amazing stability when flying indoor as well as outdoor. With a 2.4GHz control system it delivers stronger anti-interference performance and a powerful signal to the drone that doesn’t get lost easily like in most other drones.

The drone’s body features colorful LED light that makes it easy to fly at night. It is great for fliers who are just beginning and want to learn how to fly, and the flier can execute function like forward and backward, sideward flight, turn left and right, and go up and down.

Advanced maneuvers are also possible and include 360 degrees rotation and One Key Automatic Return that makes the drone go back to its starting point. The waterproof quadcopter also has headless intelligent orientation control, in which the direction of the drone depends not on the drone, but on the flier.

GPTOYS Waterproof Remote Control Quadcopter


The GPTOYS Waterproof Remote Control Quadcopter features a waterproof airframe that provides extended durability, and lets users fly it in the rain. This waterproof body is convenient and makes flying your drone easier as you don’t have to be worried about it getting wet and damaged even in the lightest of showers

Its 6-axis gyro system provides a safer and easier to control flight, and also allows you to hand launch it. Apart from this, the drone is also equipped with a 2.0MP camera that delivers clear pictures and videos. The camera too is waterproof, and you wouldn’t have any problem of water damage to it.

The drone has a number of functions like the Headless Mode, which automatically adjusts the position of drone before it takes off. Another feature is One key Return that makes the drone return home quickly and conveniently. Users also have the option of flying the aerial machine at 3 levels of speed, making it great for both beginners as well as advanced drone fliers.

The waterproof quadcopter’s body is fit with LED lights that make flying at night possible with ease, and you don’t have to worry about losing your drone. It can fly up and down, forward and backward, turn left and right, side to side, and even hover and perform 360° flips.

The media recorded on the camera can be stored on an SD card and there is an SD card slot on the body. The drone uses a 400mAh 3.7V battery that has a battery life of up to 8 minutes and a charging time of around 45 minutes.



The QuadH20 quadcopter has been especially designed to fly over water bodies with speed and agility and fly through the heaviest of rains. Its speed can go up to 40 km/h and the aerial machine is great for capturing water sports like jet skiing and speed boat racing.

Its extremely strong and watertight body is made with Epoxy fibre composite and its legs have been created using Epoxy carbon/fibre composite. The viewing dome and battery cap are created with quality plastic and stainless steel clasps.

This quadcopter can be controlled using a DJI Naza controller and GPS. The machine also has a built in heatsink that makes sure that the drone does not become too heated since it has an enclosed casing.

The Quadh20 quadcopter has been created in a way that it can accommodate the GoPro action camera and FPV system for capturing aerial videos anywhere you want.

The battery is life of the quadcopter is about 9-10 minutes when used with the GoPro, FPV etc. it can also be quickly charged within 20 – 25 minutes.

The great part about the QuadH2O quadcopter is that you can build your own by purchasing their kit and you will only have to wait 15 days for the company to manufacture the parts for you.

Swellpro Splash Auto Waterproof Drone


The Swellpro Splash Drone Auto is a rugged, great quality, waterproof quadcopter that has been designed to take pictures and videos above water as well as underwater. It doesn’t come with a built in camera so all you need do is mount a GoPro or similar action camera and start flying!

It uses the world’s first waterproof gimbal for drones and fits GoPro Hero3/3+/4 as well as the SwellPro ZERO camera. The 2-axis gimbal along with the camera to provide stabilized footage that isn’t shaky in any condition. The drone uses a 4S 14.8V 5200mAh LiPo battery and an all in one smart balance charger to stay powered.

The drone has a built-in 5.8G video transmission system and uses a MI600s video transmitter and a high-end 10-channel telemetry radio remote controller, with a 7" FPV screen, dual antenna and screen mount. Users now have options like Auto Return to Home (RTH) function, Way-point & Mission Planning flight, Follow me mode and Circle Flight. The drone can also be controlled using the dedicated app.

It has a smart current distributor plate with dual voltage regulations (5V and 12V) and uses 590 KV specially treated brushless motors and self-tightening carbon fiber propellers for a smooth flight. It also has a payload of up to 1kg.

The body of the Swellpro Splash Drone PRO is equipped with super strong LED lights that make night flying much easier, and these lights also start blinking to show low battery warning. It also comes along with an aluminum case that makes travelling with the drone and storing much more convenient and keeps it safe.

HexH2o Waterproof Drone


The HexH2o Waterproof Drone is a waterproof multirotor that houses a gimbal, allowing users to record completely stabilized video from both the air as well as under water.

Created by QuadH2o, the drone has been made using Epoxy fiber composite that makes its body very sturdy, lightweight and rugged, and the booms, top plate and motor mounts have been made from carbon. The viewing dome on the body has been made from Perspex, and the back hatch as well as many internal parts have been 3D printed.

QuadH2o HexH2o Waterproof Drone

Even though is made as a watertight unit, it does have 2 breather tubes that let the barometer measure the outside air pressure.

It uses a DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal and has been designed specially for the GoPro 3, 3+ or 4, and the combined power of these two provides some amazing videos. To film under water, the camera of the drone sits just below the waterline instead of completing submerging under, and can be moved up to 90 degrees for vertical filming.

QuadH2o HexH2o Waterproof Drone

The HexH2o Waterproof Drone uses 2 Li-Po batteries at the same time, and it has a flight time of up to 25 minutes. You can also use just one battery and will then have a flight time of about 15 minute.

The drone uses a DJI NazaV2 flight controller with GPS that is great for use with multirotor drones, and has a range of 1000m. It also features a FlySky Black Pearl monitor that has a TFT LCD Screen with LED backlight and 1024 ×...

HexH2o Pro Waterproof Drone


The HexH2o Pro Waterproof Drone is another one created by QuadH2o, and features leading waterproof capabilities. The company has taken the best of their features from previously released drones like QuadH20 and HexH20, and made them advanced and better. This Pro version also has an all new body design and features a slick white body along with custom graphics.

The drone has been created using Epoxy fiber composite that makes its body very sturdy, lightweight and rugged. It houses a gimbal and GoPro action camera inside the frame, allowing users to record completely stabilized video from both the air as well as under water. It also has a 2kg payload release system and quick release legs.

HexH2o Pro Waterproof Drone

This waterproof multirotor comes with a DJI Zenmuse H4-3D (or H3-3D) gimbal and users have the option of attaching a GoPro 3 or 4 Silver/Black Edition to take amazing footage and pictures. It is a 3-axis gimbal that features high precision brushless servo control and a built-in IMU module. It has been created using aluminum alloy and is lightweight.

The HexH2o Pro Waterproof Drone uses two 7000mAh (or more) Li-Po batteries at the same time, and it has a flight time of up to 25 minutes. You can also use just one battery and will then have a flight time of about 15 minute.

The drone uses a Futaba T8J transmitter that has a range of 1000m for convenient flying. It also features a FlySky Black Pearl monitor that has a TFT LCD Screen with LED backlight and 1024 × 600 resolution. The flight controller has various built-in features like Multiple Control Modes, Low Voltage Protection, PC & Bluetooth Ground Station, Intelligent Orientation Control, Sound Alarm and 4 Configurable Output.

HexH2o Pro Waterproof Drone


PRODRONE PD4-AW Drone - Water Resistant Completely Waterproof (Amphibious Landing Capable)

The PRODRONE PD4-AW Drone is a small 4-rotor drone that has been designed to cater to a number of aerial activities, which are recreational as well as business. Apart from the usual use of aerial photography and videography, this drone aims to also complete tasks like land surveying and spot inspections, which come in handy for industrial uses.

Users can fly it in most weather conditions, and can even land on water surfaces since it is completely waterproof. But a bigger advantage is that the drone can provide an unlimited flight time! This is because it uses a connected power supply via a long cable to provide an extended and unending flight time.

The cable can also be used to transmit video footage and send control signals to the quadcopter. In case you lose the radio signal, the cable is also a great way for safe operation.

If you wish to use the usual drone batteries to power this PRODRONE quadcopter, then users also have the option of using a 22.2 V, 6,000 mAh to 24,000 mAh battery that will provide a limited flight time of around 10 to 40 minutes depending on the size of the battery you choose.


Prodrone PD4-AW Drone

Because the drone has been built with industrial applications in mind, it offers customizable options that make using it for various purposes easier. It can be used for Land Surveying due to its ability of the mounted gimbal to hold 2 compact digital cameras.

There is also a Rope Decoupler Variant, which has a mounted, ground-facing camera attached with a decoupler to transmit and place electric cable.

The PRODRONE PD4-AW Drone has an airframe weight of 2.4kg and a maximum payload of 3.5kg. It can fly at a maximum speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) and at a maximum operating altitude (pressure altitude) of 5,000m. It features a maximum operating wind speed of 8 m/s (22 mph) and the control unit for the drone can even be customized depending on the users’ requirements.

Prodrone PD4-AW Drone


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