DJI To Create Drone License Plates To Identify Users

DJI To Create Drone License Plates To Identify Users

With the widespread use of drones these days, there have been concerns raised about the security regarding the usage of these UAVs. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been developing ways to identify drone fliers after the various dangerous incidents that have threatened the safety of commercial pilots as well as violated security measures.

The problem with linking personal details about the drone and its flier to identify it is that this information should only be privy to law enforcement authorities, and not just everybody.

DJI to the rescue!

This is why DJI is developing an electronic identification framework for small drones that works like an invisible license plate allowing authorities with the right equipment to read that registered number and find the details necessary. This works like the same concept of license plates on a vehicle – not everyone has the authority to find out personal details pertaining to the vehicle and its owner.

DJI sent their proposal about this to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), saying that their simple and elegant method "...would also protect the privacy of safe and responsible drone pilots." The complete white paper can be read here.

Earlier, license plates for drones were also being tested at the University of California, Berkeley for the same purpose of identification.

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