Dromida Vista 251 mm Performance Drone

Drone Features

Body Size: 

Diagonal Length: 251 mm (9.8 in)

Battery Flight Time: 

12-15 minutes

Accessories In Box: 

MR100 SLT radio system 3.7V 850mAh LiPo battery and USB charger, 4 "AAA" alkaline batteries, Extra set of blades, Screwdriver

The Dromida Vista 251 mm Performance Drone features an advanced 3+3 stabilization system that includes a 3-axis gyro for stable flying and 3 accelerometers to counterbalance exterior forces. It comes with a rugged body design, and it features a crash-resistant molded plastic airframe that is sleek, and has an aerodynamic body shell.

The drone has high-intensity, multi-color LED lights on the body that glow for easy tracking of the quad at night, as well as orientation. The LEDs also flash to alert you if the drone has low battery voltage.

There is an option to turn the accelerometers off for added maneuverability and freedom of flight. Flying the drone is very simple, and great for beginners to learn on due to its tough exterior. The drone is RTF so comes factory-installed with motors, ESCs and radio gear, and you can fly is straight away.


It uses a 3.7V 850mAh LiPo battery that provides a flight time of up to 12-15 minutes on a full charge. It can be charged with a high-output USB fast charger that provides quick and efficient charging.

To fly the Dromida Vista 251 mm Performance Drone, it comes with a MR100 2.4GHz SLT Radio that features dual rates and 4 flight modes to choose from – Easy, Normal, Advanced and Expert. The SLT (Secure Link Technology) creates an strong link between the controller and the drone, even when flying around other quads, while the 2.4GHz technology provides dependable, interference-free flying.

Fliers can perform pro-style flips in the air with an Auto Flip button, and the drone also features digital trims for precise settings and better control. It also has sound and light cues to make setup simpler, confirm settings and even deliver alerts. 


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