Drone Pit Stop DIY Carrying Case (Medium) for Mini Drone/Action Cameras

The Drone Pit Stop DIY Carrying Case is a universal carrying case perfect to use with a number of different devices that are medium sized. This is because this case comes with DIY pre-cut Pick & Pluck foam that allows users to create their own slots for accessories and devices, creating customized areas to keep your things with ease.

This versatility is great when you have a number of different uses for the case and want to ensure its complete usage. Made from EVA Material, the carrying case is super durable and also waterproof to keep the outside and inside completely dry.

The stylish design provides utmost protection and comes as a single piece of construction, featuring 2 uni-body sides that don’t have any hinges, frame or connectors. This is a good thing because most cases break soon due to damage and the hinges and connectors are the first to break.

Use it for drones from popular brands like Syma, Hubsan, JJRC, Cheerson, Holystone and carry them with you with maximum protection. The inside measures - Length: 33.5cm Width: 23.5cm Height: 10cm, providing you with ample space for your drone, transmitter as well as necessary accessories. 


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