Drone Pit Stop Hubsan X4 Carrying Case For H107D Plus

The Drone Pit Stop Hubsan X4 Carrying Case For H107D Plus is a big necessity, especially if you travel with your drone and its accessories a lot. Created to hold the Hubsan X4 H107D and H107D Plus FPV drone, as well as accessories like up to 6 Batteries (including the one in the drone), Extra propeller, Hub wrench, SD Card, SD Adapter, Charger, and Transmitter.

Keep all your things in one place, safe and secure with this carrying case that has a solid and durable design created using 2 uni-body sides instead of different sides. This means it does not have any hinges, frame or connectors, which is a good thing because most cases break soon due to damage and the hinges and connectors are the first to give way.

The high-quality case has also been made from waterproof material and features a waterproof zipper to keep the inside content safe and dry. Great to be used on any terrain, the case keeps all the accessories in their place, and provides a simple and convenient way to store and use them.



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