Drone Pit Stop Phantom 4 Protection Kit - Quick Release Propeller Guards + Gimbal guard + Landing Gear

The Drone Pit Stop Phantom 4 Protection Kit comes along with the Quick Release Propeller Guards, Gimbal guard, and Landing Gear, to make sure your drone is safe from any danger and damages. This kit covers all the important and delicate parts of the drone including the props, gimbal and lower parts of the drone.

The Quick Release Propeller Guards ensure the safety of the props against damage by crashing, and also help in protecting people around as the props can hurt people in the event of an accident.

The landing gear and gimbal protector, on the other hand, protects the lower region of the drone, keeping it safe when landing, and adding extra ground clearance. The camera and gimbal too are protected, while the actual feet of the drone are covered and stay undamaged.

Overall, the products have been made using great quality materials, that is lightweight and don’t hinder the functioning of the drone. They are also easy to remove and attach and can be easily carried along with you without the need for too much space. 


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