Meet Sure Shot HD, the android-based gaming console

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May, 18
How happy would you be if you could buy a coffee table that is an almost exact replica of the PS3 controller and can be used to store your gaming paraphernalia? The Giant Playstation 3 Controller Coff...
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Goodnight Lad - AR Children Book
January, 11
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January, 11
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Google Daydream View Review - A Promising Start for Mobile VR
December, 20
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HTC Vive Review - Is it Worth the Huge Bucks?
December, 15
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September, 9
Battlefield Hardline Release Delayed To 2015
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October, 16
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Meet Sure Shot HD, the android-based gaming console
January, 16
Among the innovations that stole the show at CES 2017 was the Sure Shot HD digital console. Well, it’s not a life-changing kind of item; just another tool aimed at adding some fun to your life....
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January, 11
Books and Magic, a Danish firm, has taken The Little Mermaid, a fairy tale by Hans. A. Andersen, created a book out of it from which the images can be viewed via the company’s augmented reality app....
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King of the Railway - AR Book for Children
January, 11
King of the Railway is a companion to the film Thomas and Friends. The app features the much-loved characters of the movie and all you may want to know about the new faces, Caitlin, Connor, Stephen...
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Monsters Inc. – Augmented Reality Book
January, 11
An amazing Monstropolis world. With its digital magic on AR, Monsters, Inc. brings all your favorite furry friends to life with mind-boggling animations that you can interact with on your computer...
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