GDU Releases O2 Drone Series To Rival DJI Mavic Pro

GDU Releases O2 Drone Series To Rival DJI Mavic Pro

  • GDU Releases O2 Drone Series To Rival DJI Mavic Pro
GDU Releases O2 Drone Series To Rival DJI Mavic Pro

After the success of their GDU Byrd Drone, the company is back with their new O2 series of drones that seem to be proving tough competition to the DJI Mavic Pro Drone. Directly targeted at Mavic fans, this new drone incorporates some of the familiar features from DII along with advanced modes and a portable design.

The drone was unveiled at the International Drone Conference and Exposition in Vegas, Nevada. The O2 Series consist of a basic version and a Plus version – GDU O2 Drone and the GDU O2 Plus Drone.

O2 vs. O2 Plus

Most of the features between the two drones are the same except for some differences. The first difference is that the O2 uses a 5.8 GHz remote controller and features a range of 1 km, while the O2 Plus uses a 2.4 GHz controlled and has a range of 7 km.

Another difference is that the GDU 02 has an inbuilt storage capacity of 16 GB, while the GDU 02 Plus has a double capacity at 32 GB.

GDU O2 Drone

O2 and O2 Plus features

The O2 drones use the world’s smallest 3-axis stabilized camera gimbal that has the ability to record in 4k resolutions. They have been created using Aviation Aluminum-Alloy and feature a portable and compact design where the arms and propellers fold into the body with no part exposed.

Apart from vision positioning systems and obstacle avoidance, the drone also comes with GPS and GLONASS. It features smart modes for easy use of the drone, such as Circle Mode, Rocket Mode, and Dronie Mode. The drone has a battery life of 20 minutes.

The GDU O2 Drone is available for pre-order right now at $732 and will ship from October 18th, while the GDU O2 Plus Drone is still not available on the company’s website.

GDU O2 Drone

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