Get the best taste out of you dry herbs - saving money & your lungs

Get the best taste out of you dry herbs - saving money & your lungs

The trend of vaporizing herbs is a $6B (and growing) industry because of these obvious reasons: vaporizing is extracting the best of the herbs, letting you inhale the flavors and aromas without combustion. 


Most of the THC (main component of medical marijuana) is burnt away when you smoke your herbs instead of vaporizing. 

Smoking is ~ 2000 F, but vaporizing is ~ 200F-400F. I think we can agree on what is better for your lungs. :)

The taste - get ready for unchanged, original flavor. No more burnt taste or nasty odor. Vaporizing eliminates around 95% of the smoke. 

One of the leading brands is The Hippie Vaporizer, that is focused on bringing you the best vaporizing experience today.

The Hippie 2.0 is a unique vaporizer with ceramic chamber and glass mouthpiece attachment for extreme smooth vape. It is a true work of art, designed from sturdy material with a touch of retro style.

5 adjustable temperature levels lets you customize the intensity of the flavor.  It has convenient USB charging powerful long lasting battery. It is very easy to use, easy to clean. Another unique feature, with the purchase of the titanium insert, you can vaporize waxy oils (concentrates).

The Hippie has become more a necessity then a luxury, because it’s users realize how much less herbs they are saving and how much better and healthier it feels to not smoke anymore.



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