GoPro Abandons Drone Ambitions, Hints at New Action Cameras

GoPro Abandons Drone Ambitions, Hints at New Action Cameras

Speculations that GoPro would abandon their ambitions to create more Karma drones turned true a few days ago.

Nick Woodman, GoPro’s founder, did indeed confirm at CES 2018 that the company would quit the drone space and regretted that the company had to downsize hundreds of employees who were involved in the drone project.

Earlier on, the karma drone had encountered operational difficulties soon after its launch in late 2016, but it recovered successfully and went on to become one of the best-selling drones in the United States.

GoPro cites two major challenges that stood in the way of its success: a hugely competitive aerial market and hostile regulatory environments in both the US and across Europe.

The challenges are part of the reason why the company’s poor financial performance refused to go away, a situation that Woodman says had made them consider takeover bids fronted by the larger firms.

All the same, GoPro camera users still have good news to look forward to. The company confirmed that they plan to unveil an entry-level camera plus a couple of other new products halfway into the year, a move aimed at attracting new customers and reviving its profitability.


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