Hubsan X4 Carrying Case for Spyder Models By Drone Pit Stop

Hubsan X4 Carrying Case for Spyder Models By Drone Pit Stop

  • Hubsan X4 Carrying Case for Spyder Models By Drone Pit Stop
Hubsan X4 Carrying Case for Spyder Models By Drone Pit Stop

While there are many drone carrying cases available in the market, there is a strong need for cases that are sturdy, completely protective and can keep your drone safely inside without the danger of any damage. Most cases promise this, but not many can live up to their word.

The Drone Pit Stop Hubsan X4 drone carrying case is one of the best quadcopter and drone cases that can keep your quadcopter safely inside. Made for the Hubsan X4 of drones, this case will fit the h107c & h107l models with or without propeller guards.

On the outside

The Drone Pit Stop carrying case has been designed keeping in mind that the drone needs to be kept in a safe place while traveling or carrying it around, but also with the concept that the carrying case should look cool! Who says cases have to look boring like a briefcase for the office?

This case features a beautiful black design that looks classy and super trendy! Unlike the other carrying cases for drones that have an aluminum or plastic outer body, this case has a hard exterior with a smooth feel and a chic shine to it.


The biggest problem that drone cases have is that the material that they are made with are not tough enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Instead of being made by a plywood or plastic material, the Drone Pit Stop case has been made using high quality and strong EVA materials that are not only resilient against falls and crashes, but are also waterproof. Not just the body of the cases, but also the zipper is waterproof so no liquids can get inside.

This case has a unique construction that is unmatched by drone cases in the market right now. It has been designed with 2 Unibody sides that hold the structure of the case in place and it does not have any hinges, frames or connecting attachments on it. This is a big plus point because due to connective gear like hinges, it is very easy for the case to break and fall apart. Since the Drone Pit Stop case uses a zipper closure as well, you will never have to worry about any part break or malfunctioning.

Inside space

The Drone Pit Stop Hubsan X4 drone carrying case is extremely spacious and will give you enough space to keep all your essential items as well as a few extra incase of emergencies. The inside has been specially designed keeping in mind the Hubsan X4 series and its accessories.

The inside is made up of a hard foam like material that is durable and has cuts outs that have been customized as per the specific drone model and its accessories. The top side of the case has also been fitted with a softer padding of foam to keep the items in place. This double padding of foam will give a good cushion space to your drone and its accessories and help keep them safe when there is a fall or a hard jolt to the case.

Not only will you be able to keep your drone and remote control inside it, but this carrying case can also fit up to 11 batteries, extra propellers, hub wrench, SD card, SD adapter, charger and transmitter.

Overall, the Drone Pit Stop Hubsan X4 drone carrying case is a great new case for your quadcopter. Economically priced and equipped with amazing features, this is the best carrying case you can choose to keep your Hubsan quadcopter safe!


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