Kudrone: 4K Camera Nano Drone With GPS Auto Follow – Will This Project Come To Life?

Kudrone: 4K Camera Nano Drone With GPS Auto Follow – Will This Project Come To Life?

The Kudrone is the newest rage in the crowdfunding scene and has garnered a lot of attention from backers, having raised $1,266,501 total funds. It features a small size with a 4k camera and a very reasonable price, making this a dream come true for drone enthusiasts, but will this project actually come to life? Unfortunately, previous ambitious and very popular products like the Lily Drone have failed.

The Lily Drone earned about $34 million in pre-orders when it first started as a campaign on Kickstarter, creating a big fan following with enthusiastic customers patiently waiting for their product to be released. Unfortunately, the company could not keep up with costs of production and eventually decided to shut down production and refund all the money for customers who pre-ordered the drone.

Let’s hope that it does because at the moment you can buy it for $129 and save 31% on the original MSRP of $189, which is so much cheaper than the drone’s competitors.


The Kudrone can fit in the palm of your hand at just 3.7-inches across, and some equipped with a 4K camera that has a Sony CMOS sensor and can take stills in 13MP. It also has a 3-axis gyro accelerometer, intelligent obstacle avoidance sensors, GPS, MicroSD card slot, and flying features such as throw-to-fly, auto-follow and emergency landing.

It can be easily controlled with an app for iOS and Android and can fly till a range of up to 80 meters and a height of 30 meters.

As for flight time, it features a shorter time in the air due to its size as compared to competitors like DJI Phantom4 Pro or Mavic Pro but still does well at 8 minutes. Luckily, the drone uses a removable battery so if you have spares, you can fly it much longer conveniently.


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