The No 1 Secret Celebrities Don't Want You to Know!

The No 1 Secret Celebrities Don't Want You to Know!

  • The No 1 Secret Celebrities Don't Want You to Know!
The No 1 Secret Celebrities Don't Want You to Know!

Being a celebrity has got a lot to do with looking beautiful and maintaining a young image, as much as their acting and performance skills. As they are always under the spotlight, all celebrities are always trying to enhance their looks and try to maintain a flawless facade. In a bid to do so, makeup can greatly help on a daily basis and create a look that is versatile and youthful, but cosmetics are only a temporary solution. Many celebrities also opt for plastic surgery as a long lasting treatment, but one must be cautious when going ahead with this, as there are many examples of worst plastic surgery before and after.

There are a number of procedures that can be done on the face or body to enhance the appearance, and these include treatments like Botox, lip augmentation, face lifts, breast enhancement and reduction, tummy tuck, etc. These are supposed to be permanent and long lasting treatments, and can help in getting rid of any bodily imperfection like wrinkles, saggy skin and excessive fat, among others.

While celebrities are all known to undergo these procedures, there is always a flipside to the story. These surgeries can very quickly turn into the worst plastic surgery jobs and create a bigger problem than it was originally! Take example of the various famous stars who now look unbelievably different and seem to have ruined their natural facial structure. For instance, Mickey Rourke or Donatella Versace now look unrecognizable due to overdoing plastic surgery and ruining their facial features in the process, or celebs like Prisicilla Presley and Tara Reid who have scars from the same.

Taking the decision to carry forward with plastic surgery for the purpose of enhancing beauty is not a new concept and has been in practice for a long time. But one needs to keep in mind the outcomes, complications and consequences of getting a voluntary invasive surgery. Not only is the process painful in some cases, but is also a very expensive ordeal, and thus whether you are a celebrity or a common person, one must always think over it and only then go ahead with it!

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