PowerRay - A Fishing Helper Drone Robot

Robotics company PowerVision has launched a new drone at CES 2017, but this drone doesn’t fly, it swims!

Created for people who love fishing, and want to make the activity that much more interesting and immersive, the PowerRay Drone Robot has the ability to dive 30 meters (98 feet) underwater for up to 4 hours, to help in catching fish.

But that’s not all - the drone also has a 12MP camera that records in 4K UHD, and shows you the fish around, and provides position information and such to help you find fish. Connected via Wi-Fi, users can also download an app for iOS or Android mobile devices to control the drone and have 1080p Real Time Streaming.



If you add the PowerRay Fishfinder sonar system, the drone will be able to find fish about 40 meters (131 feet) below. The Fishfinder comes with a built-in blue light that helps in luring fish into view, and you can also use an optional remote bait drop that can help in attracting fish, making fishing much simpler and quicker.

For an immersive underwater experience, the drone will work with VR goggles that allow the drone to be controlled by head tilting, by looking up, down, left and right.

Ordering for the PowerRay will begin on February 27, but no details on the pricing have been revealed yet.




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