Stop Counting Calories & Follow These 2 Simple Tips

Stop Counting Calories & Follow These 2 Simple Tips

  • Stop Counting Calories & Follow These 2 Simple Tips
Stop Counting Calories & Follow These 2 Simple Tips

Calorie counting is far from essential for losing weight. You simply don’t need to count the amount of calories you are eating to fit into those smaller size pants or dress. But before we can skip the counting part, we must first understand what calories represent and the basic concept behind weight loss.

What Are Calories?

Calories are a measurement of energy. Your body needs a certain amount of energy to function each day. This energy comes from, not only the foods you eat and the fat stored in your body, but also from your own muscles. Simply put, if you don’t provide that energy with food, then your body catabolizes its fat for energy and also its muscles for the variety of amino acids contained within.

What Is The Basic Concept Behind Weight Loss?

The only way to start losing weight is to burn more energy than you consume, for example: you can exercise more, eat less or perform a combination of both. We find the most effective way to lose weight is a combination of exercise and eating less.

#1 Exercise – High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most effective ways you can burn fat. Not only is it a good way to quickly burn calories (as a HIIT session only last 10-20 mins), but it is also a great way to keep your metabolism high throughout the day. Due to its high intensity, HIIT can increase your metabolism, for up to 48 hours after the initial workout session. It can also reduce the catabolism of those muscles that were exercised. This is especially true when performing HIIT with exercises that mimic strength rather than cardio. For example instead of jumping jacks try burpees.

#2 Eat Less – How Fiber and Protein Can Help

One of the ways you can consume less energy, is to avoid high energy foods. Instead of counting the calories on each item of food, simply, pick foods that contain more fiber. Why you ask? Well, fiber isn’t readily absorbed by the body, although it does contain energy (as it is a carbohydrate), that energy won’t turn into fat. Instead, fiber fills up food with low energy nutrients, making a bigger meal with less energy.

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid meals saturated in fat / high in simple carbohydrates (like pastries). Start eating more lean protein, as it will not only help your muscles recover and tone, but also can help with reducing your appetite.



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