Wikitude - Recognition And Augmented Print

Wikitude - Recognition And Augmented Print


Wikitude has now expanded and is much more than just a location-based browsing platform. It now features recognition and augmented print to deliver a comprehensive augmented reality experience. To use it, users just need to type in a search term, for instance “pizza restaurants”, then simply raise up the phone’s camera and look around. A digital overlay will show any matches to your search!

This app is great for all people, specially travellers in a new country who need to find out new locations. AR has made wikitude a platform like no other and you can think of it as  mix of several helpful websites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Twitter, etc. 

Users can also select specific categories like restaurants, historic locations, upcoming events and many others to make searching more streamlined with their advanced algorithm and contextually aware search. You can also make print ads and packaging come to life with its heightened digital content like animations, videos and links by providing consumers with rich media overlays to create a compelling end user experience!




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